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Fair. Dedicated.

Judge Jaimie Goodman has served as our Circuit Court Judge for the past five and a half years, ensuring equal justice for all who come before the court.

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Judge Jaimie Goodman

Please join us in supporting the re-election of Judge Jaimie Goodman to serve the people of Palm Beach County as our Circuit Court Judge. As your public servant, Judge Jaimie puts his heart and soul into serving the people as an impartial guardian of the law.

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Incumbent Judge Jaimie Goodman

Re-Elect Judge Jaimie Goodman
Circuit Court Judge

Judge Jaimie Goodman was elected to serve as our Circuit Court Judge in August 2014 and began serving as Circuit Court Judge in January 2015.

Circuit Civil Division

For the past three and a half years, Judge Goodman has served in the Circuit Civil Division where he has presided over numerous jury trials and thousands of hearings. His rulings in jury trials have never been reversed on appeal. And he has one of the best track records in the Circuit Civil Division for managing caseloads.

In the Circuit Civil Division, Judge Goodman presides over medical malpractice, product liability, business litigation, premises liability, auto negligence, wrongful death cases, employment cases, condominium and homeowner association disputes, tobacco cases, foreclosure litigation, and water damage litigation cases, to name a few.

During his Tenure

Prior to serving in the Circuit Civil Division, Judge Goodman served in the Family Division, and the Probate and Guardianship Division. He presided over divorce, child custody, child support, probate, and guardianship hearings, including emergency temporary guardian cases and emergency hearings to determine the best interests of the children in domestic relations cases. He also presided over domestic violence, stalking, repeat violence, dating violence, and sexual violence hearings and served as a judge at first appearance proceedings.

Judge Goodman also had the great honor of presiding over adoption proceedings.

He also volunteered and served as a Judge for the City of Riviera Beach Civil Drug Court.

Judge Goodman has also had the honor of speaking with our school children in Palm Beach County about our judicial system. The students, accompanied by teachers and parents, would meet Judge Goodman in the courtroom during student tours where he would speak about both the judicial process and his service as a Judge.

Judge Goodman has also been assigned to serve as a Hearing Referee involving disciplinary proceedings brought by the Florida Bar against lawyers accused of ethical violations.

And he has served on appellate panels for appeals from Palm Beach County Court cases.

Florida Judicial College

In 2019 and 2020, Judge Goodman served as a faculty member at Florida Judicial College, teaching circuit civil fundamentals, civil trial procedure and case management to new circuit civil judges and judges transferring to the circuit civil division.

Bar Association Memberships

Professionally, Judge Goodman has been a member of the United States Supreme Court Bar for over 27 years and a member of the American Bar Association for over 35 years. He is also a member of the Florida Bar and has been honored to serve as a Judicial Liaison and member of the Executive Council for their Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section. Judge Goodman is also a member of the Palm Beach County Bar Association and has served as a speaker for the Bar Association on a variety of judicial process and civil litigation subject areas. He is also a member of the F. Malcolm Cunningham, Sr. Bar Association.

Veteran Employment Discrimination Lawyer

Prior to his election to the bench, Judge Goodman was a veteran employment discrimination lawyer with over 30 years of courtroom and jury trial experience. He spent the first 10 years of his career handling complex civil litigation for a Fortune 500 company. He then spent the next 21 years representing hard working people in complex civil litigation and employment cases when they faced the loss of their jobs or were subjected to unfair employment practices. He also represented people in sexual harassment and age discrimination cases. And he was admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

For the past 20 years, Judge Goodman has maintained an AV rating from Martindale Hubbell, the highest rating for professional excellence, legal ability, and ethical standards.

With a combined 37 years of courtroom and legal experience, Judge Goodman has extensive jury trial experience.

Long history of Community Service

Over 35 Years Experience & Counting.

Judge Goodman also has a long history of community service prior to his service on the bench.

He was a Reading Ambassador for the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County. He served as a volunteer teacher for Junior Achievement. And he performed pro bono work for the Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County on Wage Theft and Civil Rights matters.

Judge Goodman is a graduate of Leadership Palm Beach County – Class of 2012. He also was a member of the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County and a Board Member of the Voters Coalition of Palm Beach County.

Judge Goodman was also a member of the Community Partners Advisory Development Board and a member of the Blue Friends Society of the Loggerhead Marine Life Center.

Some of his other service included the Arthur Marshall Foundation for the Everglades, Advisory Council member; Volunteer Judge for the High School Ethics Bowl; Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce, Executive Trustee; and the West Palm Beach Rotary Club as a volunteer for the Dictionary Project – providing dictionaries and making presentations to elementary school students. He also delivered food to families in West Palm Beach during the holidays.

Judge Goodman was also a volunteer speaker for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Coordinating Committee.

Judge Goodman is currently a member of both the Forum Club and the Economic Forum.

In March 2017, Judge Goodman received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Palm Beach County Guardianship Association – “Thank you for all you do for Palm Beach County’s most vulnerable.”

In February 2018 – the South Palm Beach County Bar Association presented a plaque to Judge Goodman thanking him for his dedication to South Palm Beach County’s lawyers and litigants.


Judge Goodman was born in Queens, NY. He received a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Degree, with honors, from Cornell University and a Law Degree (JD) from Cornell Law School.

Re-Elect Judge Jaimie Goodman

Jaimie Goodman

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Judge Jaimie Goodman

Campaign Office

2054 Vista Parkway, Suite 400
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

(561) 651-1499



Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association (PBA)

Palm Beach Treasure Coast AFL-CIO

Fraternal Order of Police


Palm Beach County Human Rights Council 

Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association (CTA)

The Hispanic Vote of Palm Beach County

Construction and Craft Worker’s Local Union No. 1652 of the Laborers’ International Union of North America

Committee of Responsible Persons to

Re-Elect Judge Jaimie Goodman

Dr. Stephen R. Alexander
Bill Bone, Esq.
Ben Bovi
David Bovi, Esq.
Hon. Susan Bucher
Edith Bush
Rebel Cook
Jack Cox, Esq.
Michelle Diffenderfer, Esq.
Michael Edmondson
Ira Fenton
David French (Retired Judge)
Estelle Friedman
Holly Gershon, Esq.
Edmund Gonzalez, Esq.
Pamela S. Goodman
Lawrence Gordon
Robert J. Harvey, Esq.
Bobbi Horwich

Debra Jenks, Esq.
John Pankauski, Esq.
Heidi Perlet, Esq.
Barry Postman, Esq.
Beverlee Raymond
Christine Raymond, Esq.
John Raymond, Esq.
Adam Rhys, Esq.
John Romano, Esq.
Neil Schiller, Esq.
Christian Searcy, Esq.
Andrew M. Schwartz, Esq.
Greg Schwinghammer, Esq.
William “Bill” Shepherd, Esq.
Marc Shiner, Esq.
Salesia Smith-Gordon, Esq.
Peter Ticktin, Esq.
Howard Weiss, Esq.
Joel Weissman, Esq.
John “Jay” G. White, III, Esq.

Elected Officials

Supporting our Campaign

Hon. Andy Amoroso, Vice  Mayor, Lake Worth Beach
Hon. Joseph Anderson, Commissioner, Port of Palm Beach
Hon. Marcia Andrews, School Board Member
Hon. Mary Lou Berger, Commissioner, Palm Beach County
Hon. M.J. “Chip” Block, Commissioner, Town of Jupiter Inlet Colony
Hon. Paula Bousquet, Councilmember, City of Greenacres
Hon. Mary Brandenburg, Former State Representative
Hon. Abby Brennan, Mayor, Tequesta
Hon. Susan Bucher, Former Supervisor of Elections
Hon. Paulette Burdick, Former Commissioner, Palm Beach County
Hon. Daniel J. Comerford, Mayor, Jupiter Inlet Colony
Hon. Gail Coniglio, Mayor, Town of Palm Beach
Hon. Judith Dugo, Deputy Mayor, City of Greenacres
Pat Emmert, President, Palm Beach-Treasure Coast AFL-CIO
Hon. Sam Ferreri, Former Mayor, City of Greenacres
Hon. Lawrence Gordon, Vice Mayor, Town of Haverhill
Hon. Robert Gottlieb, Vice Mayor, South Palm Beach
Hon. Addie L. Greene, Town Councilwoman, Mangonia Park and former County Commissioner
Hon. Woodrow L. Hay, City Commissioner, City of Boynton Beach
Hon. Justin Katz, City Commissioner, City of Boynton Beach
Hon. Ilan Kaufer, Vice Mayor, Town of Jupiter
Hon. Matthew Lane, Former City Councilman, Palm Beach Gardens
Hon. Jon Levinson, Former Vice Mayor, Delray Beach
Hon. Mark Marciano, City Councilman, Palm Beach Gardens
Hon. Bob Margolis, Former Mayor, Wellington
Hon. Scott Maxwell, City Commissioner, Lake Worth Beach
Hon. KaShamba Miller-Anderson, City Councilwoman, Riviera Beach
Hon. Patrick Murphy, Former U.S. Congressman
Hon. Peter Noble, City Councilman, Greenacres
Hon. Fred Pinto, Mayor, Royal Palm Beach
Hon. Kevin Rader, State Senator
Hon. Isaac “Ike” Robinson, Jr., Former City Commissioner, West Palm Beach
Hon. Patrick Rooney, Jr., Former State Representative
Hon. Jess Santamaria, Former County Commissioner
Hon. Charles “Chuck” Shaw, School Board Member
Hon. Mark Alan Siegel, Former New York State Assemblyman
Hon. Priscilla Taylor, Former County Mayor
Hon. Marcie Tinsley, Former Mayor, Palm Beach Gardens
Hon. Robert Wexler, Former U.S. Congressman
Hon. Steve B. Wilson, Mayor, Belle Glade
Hon. Todd Wodraska, Mayor, Town of Jupiter

Attorneys & Community Leaders

Supporting our Campaign

Linda Aaron
Annie Adkins, Esq.
Alfred P. “Skip” Aldridge, III
Dr. Stephen R. Alexander
Christopher Alfano
Lou Alfonso, Esq.
Inshan Ali
Carlyle Allen
Michael Amezaga, Esq.
Helen Antinoro
Dick Ashe
Helene Austein
Destiny R. Barbosa, Esq.
Gregory Barnhart, Esq.
Misha Bartnovsky
James W. Beasley, Esq.
Maria B. Bec
Nancy R. Beren
Peter M. Bernhardt, Esq.
Mark F. Bideau, Esq.
Joshua M. Bigley
David M. Bovi, Esq.
Susan F. Blunt
Bruce Brodsky
Noah P. Bronson
Sophia Brown
Lawrence Brownstein, Esq.
J. Michael Burman, Esq.
Edith C. Bush
Stuart Caine
Andrew Cancelmo
William G. Capko, Esq.
John R. Carr
Karen Cascardi, PhD
Patrick J. Casey, Esq.
Bernard Cenador
Berice Charles
Joe Chase, Esq.
Eric Christu, Esq.
Janice Clifford
Gary M. Cohen, Esq.
Sandra Cohen
Jack Cox, Esq.
Henry Crawford
Robert D. Critton, Jr., Esq.
Fred Cunningham, Esq.
Barbara M. Curewitz
Sheila Dame
Lee Fah Davidson
Denise L. Dawson, Esq.
Roni Deitschman
Carol Dempsey
Edward Dempsey
Rose DeSanto
Ernest DeVita
David D. Dickerson
Marcia Docter
Howard DuBosar, Esq.
Peggy L. Ekberg
Beverly Elliot-Morrison
Yvette Eriv
Carol S. Estes
James T. Ferrara, Esq.
Sue Finn
Tasha Ford
Arthur Fox
George M. Franklin
Tony Fransetta
William Freeman
Estelle Friedman
Jeffrey C. Fulford, Esq.
Christopher Gallo
David M. Garten, Esq.
Timothy W. Gaskill, Esq.
Michael Gellin
Holly Gershon, Esq.
Gregory Giebel
Michele V. Gitu
Terry Goldman
Elayne Goodman
Pamela S. Goodman
J. Robert Gordon
Lynne M. Greenblatt
Beverly Greene
Donald Green
Jay B. Green, Esq.
Caren Griffin
Carolyn Guglielmo
Martin L. Haines, III, Esq.
Eric Halsey, Esq.
Lawrence Harris
Edythe Harrison
Robert J. Harvey, Esq
Gilbert Hendler
Declan Hoctor
Helene Huchital
Dan Isaacson, Ph.D.
David B. Israel
Lance C. Ivey, Esq.
Debra A. Jenks, Esq.
Thomas Jennings
Senella E. Johnson
Sol J. Kamen
Lillian Karp
Joan Katz
Dr. Lawrence E. Katz
Donald Kaufman, M.D.
Joel D. Kenwood, Esq.
Donna Kerner
Dorothy Kirkpatrick
Les Klein
Troy W. Klein, Esq.
Charles Knight
Dr. Mindy Koch
Keith Thomas Krieger

Jeffey B. Lampert, Esq.
Carol Landau Silverstein
Holly Langlois
Jacques S. Lasserre
Ken Lassiter
Sheila Lattin
Dan Levin, Esq.
Eric Lieberman
Michael Limongelli
Carol Jean Linden
Rachelle Lipman
Louise and Peter Lippman
Rebecca Lippmann
Van Ludy
Lake H. Lytal, III, Esq.
Lawrence J. Mambrino
Suresh Marimuthu
Beth Marks
Seth A. Marmor, Esq.
Mollie D. Marshall
Danielle Martens
Luis Martinez
Javier Mendieta
Arnold Mollot
Andrew Moore, Esq.
Louise Morales
Joyce Moseley
Ron Murphy
Kevin L. Muth
Deidre E. Newton, MBA
Dr. Nate Nichols
Alan Olinsky
Mark R. Osherow, Esq.
Sienna Osta, Esq.
Bartosz A. Ostrzenski, Esq.
Stephen J. Padula, Esq.
Denise L. Parrotta, Esq.
Rosalie Phillips
Renee Plevy
Mark Pomeranz, Esq.
Barry Postman, Esq.
David C. Prather, Esq.
James W. Pritchard III
Zakir Qureshi
Ira E. Raab
Justice Ira J. Raab (Retired)
Rabbi Amy Rader
Harry Raucher
Mike Rayber
Justus W. Reid, Esq.
Joyce Reiss
Anabell Rivera-Realtor
Conrad A. Roberts
Louis Robinson, Esq.
Traci H. Rollins, Esq.
Christian Romaguera, Esq.
Raul Romaguera, Esq.
Nancy Romano
Emily Rosen
Daniel S. Rosenbaum, Esq.
Linda Rosenthal
Myrna Rosoff
Douglas Rothkopf, Esq.
Irv Rubenstein
Steven Rubin
Jamie Sasson, Esq.
Wilson Saavedra, Esq.
Peter Sachs, Esq.
Carrie Ann Saketkoo
Anise Schneiderman
Andrew M. Schwartz, Esq.
Robert Schulbaum
Barbara D. Scott, Esq.
Christian D. Searcy, Esq.
Brian Seymour, Esq.
Marcia Sherman
Stanley Siegel
Jim Silfies
Michael D. Simon, Esq.
Bernice J. Sklar
Mitchell B. Smith, Esq.
Nathan Smith
Salesia Smith-Gordon, Esq.
Michael L. Smyser IV
Edward Sol
Sheldon B. Sparber, BSc, Ph.D.
Herbert Stupak
Manley Thaler, Esq.
Woodie H. Thomas, III, Ph.D., Esq.
Peter Ticktin, Esq.
Paul H. Tocker, Esq.
Allen R. Tomlinson, Esq.
Rick Tuyn
Arlene Ustin
Mr. & Mrs. Jose F. Valdivia, Jr.
Dr. Lori Vinikoor
James Walden
Gary Weiner, Esq.
Jaime M. Weiss
John (Jay) G. White III, Esq.
Jean A. Wihbey, Ph.D.
Bill Williams, Esq.
Judy and Ted Winsberg
Leigh Woodham
Karen Woodson

Campaign Office

Campaign Office

2054 Vista Parkway, Suite 400
West Palm Beach, FL 33411


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Campaign Office :
2054 Vista Parkway, Suite 400
West Palm Beach, FL 33411
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