Answer: Judge Jaimie Goodman!

Dear Voter,
As the past President of the League of Women Voters and someone who has held other community and state leadership positions, this is a question I get asked almost every day from family, friends and peers.
Simply put, we don’t make it easy for voters to get to know these very important judicial candidates.  These races aren’t partisan, sexy, or full of passion.  But they are important.  Especially now.
As a result of COVID-19, our judicial system is backlogged.  Ask any lawyer.  Or sadly, ask anyone who has been charged with a crime and is waiting for their day in court.  Or anxiously optimistic families waiting for that legal adoption of the child who needs their legal forever family.
Our own circuit court deals with these matters and more.  Palm Beach County should be setting a high bar of excellence, experience, and expedition of these cases.
That is why we must keep an experienced and respected judge like Judge Jaimie Goodman on the bench.  His dedication and experience matters – a lot.  Now is not the time for novice judges to learn the ropes.
Keep our current trial judge in his job.  We are fortunate to have him see us through these difficult times.
The Palm Beach Post agrees!  They endorsed Judge Goodman last week!
Please join me in supporting Judge Jaimie Goodman for re-election.
Learn more about this Good Man and Great Judge at:
Your vote matters.  Women especially!  You will decide this election. 
Experience matters!
Standing with you always,
Pamela S. Goodman
No relation to Judge Jaimie Goodman

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